PhD Level



Naturally, with such a high population of Chinese students studying at BA and MA level in the UK, many talented students wish to progress further and take up PhD research at UK universities. Although these students are already to a certain extent well versed in their field and adapted to life in the UK, we nonetheless offer tailored support for Chinese graduates embarking upon doctoral research. We not only help students to discover institutions and programmes which are the perfect match for their research interests but also offer guidance on VISAs, advanced language requirements, and other practical issues which the students may face, as well as advice on CV and research proposal preparation and interview techniques. Chinese postgraduate students have much to offer their institutions and indeed the entire research climate with their passion for learning, specialised knowledge and drive to become pioneering experts in their field, and it is our goal at UKPathway to facilitate in every way the academic journeys of our clients, as well as offering UK institutions truly exceptional overseas students who will leave a lasting impact on their university and embark upon ground-breaking research across a range of subjects and interests.

By offering such a thorough gamut of services, and by nurturing links between UK education providers and Chinese students, we not only facilitate students' journeys through the UK education system, but also help our partner institutions to take on the valuable candidates which make up such a large and important part of UK university demographics. From pre-GCSE age students right up to the postgraduate and doctoral level, and even beyond this with our career guidance services, UKPathway provides education consultancy, enhancing the entire educational system of the UK, and making the already established relationship between Chinese students and UK universities more attractive and accessible. Our UK institutions offer tens of thousands of Chinese students an unrivalled education and personal development each year.