Education Consultancy Service

UKPathway offers education consultancy services and general guidance to a wide range of age groups, from early stage private schools, foundation level (pre-GCSE level students) right up to postgraduate and PhD level.


Early Stage Private School Applications

We have the best care plan suitable for young overseas students of various ages. We provide students with personalised services in cooperation with schools where students study. For low-aged students of 5-11 normally at Year 1 - Year 6, we cultivate their abilities of self-care, hobbies and good learning habits. For middle-aged students of 11-16 normally at GCSEs, we pay attention to their improvement of English level, sense of culture and academic ability. For high-aged students of 16-18 normally at A-Level, we attach great importance on the choices of academic programmes, personal development plans, and guidance on careers plans.... more>>>


Foundation Level

With almost 8,000 students from Mainland China in Independent schools in the UK (ISC census statistics, 2017) and Chinese pupils making up the largest single group of international students attending British boarding schools, it is clear that Chinese students are entering education in the UK from a young age. This of course offers them the best preparation for future higher education studies in the UK, and means that by the time they graduate from high school and begin to apply for university courses, they already have a feel for the UK education system and culture, and their English language skills will no doubt benefit from immersion in an English speaking environment from an early age. However,...more>>>


Degree Level

The Chinese student population in the UK makes up by far the largest percentage of non-EU international students at British universities, with over 90,000 Chinese students (HESA figures, 2017) and a steady year on year rise in numbers, projected to continue into 2018-2019. The UK is an attractive place to study for Chinese students, but competition is high, and there are a huge number of institutions and courses to choose from, as well as differences in entry requirements, and application procedures to consider, as well as other practical issues such as accommodation, VISA requirements and integration into student life and culture in the UK... more>>>


PhD Level

Naturally, with such a high population of Chinese students studying at BA and MA level in the UK, many talented students wish to progress further and take up PhD research at UK universities. Although these students are already to a certain extent well versed in their field and adapted to life in the UK, we nonetheless offer tailored support for Chinese graduates embarking upon doctoral research. We not only help students to discover institutions and programmes which are the perfect match for their research interests but also offer guidance on VISAs, advanced language requirements, and other practical issues which the students may face, as well as advice on CV and research proposal preparation and interview techniques... more>>>