Taught Degree Level



The Chinese student population in the UK makes up by far the largest percentage of non-EU international students at British universities, with over 90,000 Chinese students (HESA figures, 2017) and a steady year on year rise in numbers. The UK is an attractive place to study for Chinese students, but competition is high, and there are a huge number of institutions and courses to choose from, as well as differences in entry requirements and application procedures to consider. There are also practical issues such as accommodation, visa requirements and integration into student life and culture in the UK. UKPathway offers guidance for students, and prospective students, on everything from which university and course is most suitable for their skills and interests to advice on personal statements and support during the application process, as well as providing a local, UK-based presence with staff on hand to offer help to students throughout their university career.

We also maintain links with a large and growing base of excellent UK universities to ensure that our many highly motivated and talented clients are able to find the perfect university place. This allows them to thrive and become a part of the rich and dynamic community of international students in the UK who continually help to shape the education system in Britain, and who make up such a strong and positive presence in British universities. The support, advice and guidance that we offer to Chinese students in turn allows them to integrate better within the UK, understand the requirements for applying to UK universities, and be the very best candidates for places at the many fine educational institutions of Great Britain. This brings advantages to both the students and the academic institutions, with students being able to comfortably find places on university programmes and settle into life in the UK. It also enables institutions to find the very best prepared, most suitable, and well-informed students who will quickly become assets to their course and university.