Career Coaching Cases




Education: University College London – MSc Management

Personal Background:

Like many other students who have approached us, Shuxin was initially slightly shy. Over time and with support from our careers advisors, she developed her confidence and become more comfortable conversing in English. We were happy to see her growth during her time with UKPathway. By providing her with suitable practice materials, we helped her to develop her numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning skills. This enabled her to progress to Assessment Centres and Interview Stages, becoming more eloquent and articulate. We will continue to support her during her job-seeking journey as we are sure she will contribute greatly to any organisation that she decides to pursue her career with.


Education: KCL – MSc Data Science

Current Position: Future Data Science Analyst at Top IT Consulting Company

Personal Background:

Kevin is a bright young man who learns quickly. Having completed an undergraduate degree in Engineering, he decided to continue in this field and pursue a master’s in Data Science. He knew immediately that he wanted to work for a big company that provided rigorous training. With his strong academic background, we recommended that he apply for graduate schemes at top companies with an IT focus. Although he was able to pass through the online assessment stages without much help, his interview skills needed polishing. By preparing materials for him to look through before his interviews, we guided him and pointed out ways he could appear engaging and a good fit for the position. We are happy to hear that his interviews went well and he will be working at a top IT company in the future. We wish him all the best!