Postgraduate Cases

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Education: Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (Bilingual Broadcasting)

Personal Background:

Ms Chen did not come from a vibrant and high ranking university, all of which reduced her opportunity to enter a high ranking university with for her post graduate studies. However, we took time to get to know her and her background and discovered she had abundant work experience and extracurricular experience. We therefore made the application plan according her overall achievements and activities and tried to highlight her many strengths. The result? Another very happy student wo received offers from UCL and KCL.


Education: Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Personal Background:

Different from other education consultancy companies, we aimed to highlight the best overall attributes and skills of student when applying to universities. This student actually did not have a very competitive background.

Before choosing us, she had refused several application plans given by other companies. Here in UKPathway, we helped her recognize her own strengths and abilities which reinforced her confidence to try to apply for the media related program at KCL and University of Edinburgh. After getting offers from these two university, she said “It is UKPathway that gives me the courage to pursue my dream even if most of the people around me doubted my career decision”.