Maggie Li


从利物浦大学毕业后,我继续在华威大学攻读硕士学位。我是 UKPathway 营销团队的主要成员之一。作为公关顾问,在与整个团队和公司其他团队合作时,我确保所有的日常营销元素都得到有效支持并运行良好。沟通能力强,是一名优秀的公司大使 。我正在努力帮助组织媒体和客户活动,并参与其中帮助运营。我还负责跨文化交流,通过英国和亚洲的社交媒体宣传介绍公司。

Job Title:PR Manager

After I graduated from the University of Liverpool, I continued my master’s degree at Warwick University.I am a key member of the Marketing team at UKPathway. Working with the Whole team and other teams within the company, as a PR Consultant, I ensure that all day to day elements of the Marketing are supported effectively and are running well. With strong communication skills, I am also an excellent company ambassador. I am working to help organise both media and client events, as well as attend them to support operations. I also incharge of cross-cultural communications, Promoting the company on social media platforms in the UK and in Asia.