Shu Wang


Shu Wang,资深留学顾问,低龄定制导师



近二十年的留英生活让王老师积累了丰富的当地政治及教育资源,特别是针对低龄留学及高端申请,形成了一套人无我有,人有我优的强力申请方案及推荐reference资源。出色的完成了中国贸促会, 全国工商联,使馆教育处等推荐安排的VIP重要客户子女申请,转学及录取工作。日常负责申请质控及1V1定制


哈罗公学,St Paul’s Girls申请圣经

15-21年UCAS申请OXBRIDGE 必中榜




Shu Wang is the founder and CEO of UKPathway Ltd. Shu has been settled in the UK for 15 years. He is equipped with rich experience, professional knowledge, excellent language skills, outstanding communication skills and international perspectives in education sector. He developed the "Elite Education Club", leading the whole team to complete business planning and promotion plans.

His success has been highly recognized by the City of Birmingham, UK. He always priorities his customers. He treats his students as his family by accurately analyzing students’ objective conditions, understanding their interests and hobbies, evaluating their potential space, and formulating the most scientific, most appropriate plan for each student.

Since the establishment of he company, he has helped thousands of international students from home and abroad get offers for studying in the UK, including helping students obtain offers from the world's top universities such as University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. In the future, he will continue to lead the British Avenue Education team to help more students achieve their ideals and goals.