​​​​​​​Lucia Huang


大家好,我是Lucia Huang,毕业于谢菲尔德大学,于2019年加入到UKPathway,我曾经在伦敦分部工作过一年,2020年9月回到国内的总部杭州。目前的职位是HRBP,帮助业务部门制定战略方针,提供专属的解决方案,为业务部门的工作开展提供支持。目前主要负责道道学堂项目的招聘与运营工作。能够在UKPathway工作我感到非常荣幸,希望能为公司的发展贡献出我的一份力量。

Job Title:HRBP

Hi, I am a Lucia Huang. I graduated from the university of Sheffield and joined UKPathway since 2019. I worked in The London office for one year and joined the Hangzhou headquarters in September 2020. My current position is HRBP, helping the business department to develop strategic strategy, provide proprietary solutions and support the business department to carry out its work. Currently, I am mainly responsible for the recruitment and operation of DaoDao Class project. I feel very honored to work at UKPathway and hope to contribute to the development of the company.