Harry ZHAO


当我在英国完成本科和研究生学习之后,我对英国的教育体系以及如何在这一体系中取得成功有了更深的理解。毕业后,我加入了UK Pathway在太原的团队。我们竭诚致力于为客户提供专业、高质量的服务并期待在您未来的成功中发挥关键性的作用。

Job Title: Branch Director(Shanxi)

As I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the UK, I have a wide understanding of the British education system and what you need to be successful in it. After graduation, I joined the UK Pathway Consultancy team in Taiyuan. We are highly committed to offering our clients a professional and high quality service, and I look forward to playing a key role in your future success.