Dakang Chai


多年网络运营实践经验,自2014年加入UKPathway Consultancy Group以来,我始终把用户体验放在首位,努力让我们的网站和社交媒体平台更加高效。在未来,我渴望与郑州团队一起为您提供更专业的服务和更好的用户体验。

Job Title: Branch Manager (Zhengzhou)

I am Dakang Chai. With a range of skills in data analytics, I have 8-year practical experience in network operations, especially in search engine optimization. Since I joined the UKPathway Consultancy Group in 2014, I have consistently put the user experience in the first place, and endeavoured to make our website and social media platforms more effective. In the future, I aspire to offer more professional service and better user experience for you with the Zhengzhou team.