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UKpathway Education Ltd is one of the quickest growing Sino-British educational consulting agents. It is officially registered in UK Company House since 2011 and with branches over China and UK. Our job is to deal with students mainly from China, helping them to acquire a good university in the UK so as to pursue their studies. The company also maintains strong relations with Universities in china as well as school teams in Britain.

UKpathway Education believes that integrity and passion are key issue to link with our client and the following success. We invest in extensive research and development to ensure that we build an effective infrastructure. Consequently, we have utmost professionalism and integrity for building close and trusting relationships with our valued clients. With our first class team members from top universities across the UK, we are able to offer highly competitive market rates and a more personalised service which can make all the difference. Our team will endeavour to consult with you every step of the way.


·         Helping students back in China successfully applied a valuable oversea study opportunity here in UK

·         Reviewing the students Visa material, preparing the necessary material and ensuring students one hundred percent get the VISA

·         Organising and working for summer camps and internships in China

·         Providing the best educational service for all the clients


The United Kingdom is located in the Western Europe and it consists of four countries united under one government. Each has a distinct culture and feel of its own. UK is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarch. At the moment, the Queen (Queen Elizabeth II) is the head of state and a Prime Minister is the head of government. In addition, United Kingdom is a member of the European Union (EU).


 Concerning the population in 2012, UK was home to 63, 047, 162 people. According to the 2011 census, the ethnic groups consist of 92.1% white (of which English 83.6%, Scottish 8.6%, Welsh 4.9%,Northern Irish 2.9%), 2% black, 1.8% Indian, 1.3% Pakistani, 1.2% mixed and 1.6%other. Thus, UK is very diverse, welcoming people from different walks of life and countries. It is well known for its cold and wet weather.


There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should choose to study abroad in Great Britain. What attracts most people to UK is the unique ability to provide a balance between a centuries-old tradition and a cutting-edge modern life. UK is a country that is sophisticated, interesting, fun, beautiful and challenging.


It offers a world-renowned education system, with qualifications that can make a real difference to your career. It has attracted some of the best and most creative minds. It has got a highly-developed, dynamic and multicultural environment for learning. Studying in UK will open up a plethora of opportunities for people. The education will also equip the students with relevant skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the global market. UK offers more flexibility and opportunities for students to fulfill their dreams and ambitions than any other countries. Universities in UK provide higher education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, some universities run short-term visiting student programmes, such as summer schools, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) programmes and study abroad programmes.


For most international students, coming to study in UK can be very exciting and also a little overwhelming.  University accommodation is the first port of call when looking for somewhere to live. It is a great place to meet new people from different cultural background. The main accommodation types are halls of residences, student houses and student flats. These can be catered or self-catered and they vary in price. Alternatively, students can choose to rent a private accommodation in hostels, lodgings, houses or flats.

Getting around in UK is really very simple but however, it can also be quite discouraging at first since there are many options. Whether you enjoy sports, are, theatre, film, music or literature, there is something to suit everyone. Another advantage is that each university offers its own support network for international students, including services such as student societies, counselling services, careers offices and language support.

Living expenses in the UK will vary depending on the place of living, the university selected and lifestyle choices. Furthermore, international students in UK are allowed to work depending on their types of visa. UK can provide you with plenty of opportunities to work and earn extra money during the studies.

So, studying in the UK as an international student is one of the best dreams coming true for many families and students. At the end of the study, students will be very well equipped to face everyday problems at work and in life.

2013- What is happening in the UK!!

  1. One of the most amazing news that was announced in July 2013 is the birth of the Royal baby, son of Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, and the grandson of Diana (Princess of Wales) and Prince Charles. He is now third in line to the British throne. Previously, it has been a remarkable few years for the Royal Family; a Royal wedding that captured people’s hearts, the extraordinary jubilee, and now the Royal birth.

  2. In April 2013, it was unfortunate that Britain’s former and only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, died at the age of 87 following a stroke. The latter was one of the most influential political figures of the 20th century.

  3. According to BBC News, the hot weather has boosted July retail sales in the UK; thereby having hopes for a sustained economic recovery. It has been the fastest annual rise since January 2011. Thus, the retail industry is seen as an indicator of the wider economy and the strength of consumer spending.

  4. The UK economy grew by 0.6% in the second quarter of the year, nearly double the first-quarter growth.

  5. On the other hand, official unemployment figures showed that the number of those out of work is continuing to fall.

  6. UK wages decline among the worst in European Union during the economic downturn.

  7. London is surging ahead with many new projects and developments, revamping the skyline. London remains alive with regeneration projects, transport upgrades, cultural and employment shifts that are creating new property hotspots and fresh buying opportunities. New buildings will help to fulfil the desperate demand for housing. Structures such as The Shard, Battersea Power Station and St George’s Wharf tower are the most obvious. 

  8. From September 2012, higher tuition fees are being introduced for UK/EU students. This is because the UK government is reducing the funding it gives to universities to support the teaching of these students. This might lead to a decrease in the number of UK/EU students attending universities

  9. Relating to health issues, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) said there were 4212 transplants in 2012-13, up 6% on the previous year. Organ transplants have reached a record high. The donor increase is being attributed largely to the work of specialist nurses who approach and support bereaved relatives in hospital. However, despite this increase, family refusal has been the biggest problem.

  10. National Statistics demonstrates that more babies were born in the UK in 2011-2012 than any year since 1972. This population growth has been the highest in the EU. UK population grew by 419,900 to 63.7 million between between June 2011 and June 2012, according to ONS estimates. The UK remains the third-most populous EU member state, behind Germany and France.


 Education system in the UK

UK education is all about giving the inspiration to help to develop the skills and knowledge, the freedom to be creative and the support to achieve.

After the successful completion of Year 10 and 11, a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is awarded, usually in five to ten different subjects. Scottish Qualification Certificate is awarded after successful completion of Standard - Grade courses taken during Secondary 3 and 4, usually in seven to nine subjects.

The most common form of post-16 education in UK is the study of A-levels (General Certificate of Education in Advanced Level certificates), which are used as a form of preparation for admission into university. Students generally study three or four subjects to A-level relevant to their chosen degree subject. A-Levels can be studied at a secondary school, sixth form college or further education college.

  • Higher education

Students apply to UK universities, through the University and College Admissions Service (UCAS), a central government agency that coordinates applications for every university. Students may make 5 choices on their UCAS form. Wide ranges of degree courses are available, which provide skills for a variety of jobs or further study.Universities evaluate students’ predicted A-level scores (or equivalent), among other criteria, during the admissions process. In countries where students have fewer than 13 years education, it is likely that students will need to study a year-long Foundation Certificate program before starting a Bachelor's degree.

It is for students aged over 18. Higher education is divided into 2 stages are:

1.      Undergraduate level: bachelors’ degrees (BA, BSc, BEng), foundation degrees, Higher National Diploma. It is usually a 3 year programme at a university or higher education college. However, some degree programs are for 4 years and include a ‘sandwich’ year when students gain relevant work experience for 1 year.


2.      Postgraduate level: masters’ degrees (MA, MSc, PhDs, MBAs and more). This level is for students who have already completely their undergraduate studies and wish to gain further qualifications.

A Master's degree (12-month program) may be research-based, a taught course or a combination of the two and will prepare students for a particular career or for a doctorate qualification, and are offered in a variety of fields. Research master's qualifications include: Master of Research (MRes), Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Doctorate programs require students to undertake an original piece of research, whereby the minimum length of three years at a university

International students

To study in the UK, international students whose English is not their first language must provide evidence of English language proficiency. Most universities in the UK prefer the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate. IELTS 6.0+ is the usual level required for undergraduate study and IELTS 6.5+ for postgraduate.

In addition to proving English proficiency, international students must also check that their qualifications meet the school’s entry requirements, and UK NARIC provides information and advice on international qualifications. International Foundation Certificate courses are available for students that have not met required qualifications.

International students may be required to take a Pre-master’s program if their English language and study skills and qualifications do not meet the requirements to begin a Master’s degree.

Universities in UK

Here at UKpathway, our objective is to find a perfect and suitable university for the students depending on what course he wants and to make sure he obtain it and also the Visa. A list of some UK’s famous universities is described below:

  1. 1.      University of St Andrews

St Andrews is Scotland’s first University and the third oldest in the UK. It is a unique combination of ancient and modern, local and global. The town is small but it has retained many marvellous mediaeval buildings juxtaposed with modern ones.  The beautiful unspoilt beaches with fresh clean air and wide expanse of sky provide the perfect antidote to the classroom or laboratory. It is one of the most popular and one of the most selective universities in the UK. The University of St Andrews has experienced 600 years of academic excellence. 600+ degrees are offered and it is a top 100 world university (qs Rankings).

The University of St Andrews has four faculties:

·         Faculty of Arts

·         Faculty of Divinity

·         Faculty of Medicine

·         Faculty of Science


2.      Brunel University


Brunel was ranked top in London and 35th in the world in the first global ranking of the top 100 universities founded in the last 50 years

, by Times Higher Education. The university is dedicated to providing a world class education for 14 000 students. It is one of the UK’s most ambitious, forward-looking universities. Furthermore, it offers easy access to London which is one of the greatest cities in the world and it is close to London Heathrow Airport.  Brunel is a campus-based university, so no more than a 10 minute walk is required from halls of residence, catering, social and sports facilities, lecture theatres, the library or Computer Centre.



3.      London School of Economics and Political Science

The LSE is among the world’s most selective universities. It is ranked 3rd overall in the Sunday Times University Guide cumulative ranking of British universities over a ten-year period (1997-2007), and 2nd in the Complete University Guide 2012. Admission to the LSE is highly competitive as it offers a unique blend of leading academic teaching, research and first-hand experience of life in one of the most exciting capitals in the world. The School is also actively engaged with cultural affairs and social issues and with the financial institutions of the City of London. 

  1. 4.      Royal Holloway, University of London

Royal Holloway is widely recognised on the world stage as one of the UK’s leading teaching and research university institutions. It is one of the larger colleges of the University of London and a degree gained by the talented, high-achieving graduates from this university is valued the world over. According to World University Rankings 2011-12 Times Higher Education, it was top 15 in the UK, top 36 in Europe and top 107 in the world. The friendly campus, just 19 miles west of central London, provides a unique environment for university study.

  1. 5.      Aston University

Aston University is a top 30 UK University (Guardian University Guide 2013) providing the highest standard of education to our students. It is committed to provide the highest standard of education and it is ranked highly in the National Student Survey. All of the University's academic, social and accommodation facilities are based on the attractive, self contained green Campus, right in the centre of Birmingham, one of Europe's liveliest and welcoming cities. Furthermore, Aston University has got close and established links with business, the public sector and the professions ensure that the degree programmes are inspiring, challenging and constantly updated to equip the students with essential work-related skills and experiences.

  1. 6.      University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham offers an inspiring educational experience. The University is an internationally powerful, research-led institution and as well as its commitment to providing excellent teaching, academic staff is engaged in a wide range of research that has created a major positive impact across the globe. The 250-acre parkland campus in Edgbaston provides a safe, friendly environment and has all the facilities students would expect to find. Students will have access to a wealth of opportunities in which to develop life and leadership skills that employers recognise as the hallmark of a high quality graduate.

  1. 7.      University of Bath

The University of Bath is firmly established as one of the best Universities in the UK, regularly appearing in thetop ten of national surveys and has an impressive record of research..The Library is the only 24 hour academic library in the UK, and stocks all the major scientific journals The University, which is situated on a single campus a mile from the city of Bath, is one of the smaller universities in Britain. The City of Bath, with its magnificent Georgian buildings and some of the finest Roman remains in Europe, is a United Nations World Heritage City.


Summer Camp in UK

Summer camp in UK is organised by    UKpathway Education as it is a good choice for kids to improve their English, self-care ability and boost their confidence. Kids will learn about native culture, campus culture as well as famous sights in summer camp.

Summer camp focuses on English language. Students can choose courses according to their preferences. Most time is spent on visiting scenic spots such as Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, British Museum and National Gallery.

Oxford Summer Camp

PlaceA course aiming at 14-year-old students in Oxford Language School

TimeStarting from the end of June and lasting for 2-4 weeks

Course Contents: experiencing campus life, cultural activities and recreation life and visiting scenic spots such as the London Eye, British Museum and Cambridge University.

In a pleasant atmosphere, students can learn about British English, history and culture. Their interpersonal skill, team awareness and manipulative ability will be greatly improved. Schools will arrange a variety of extracurricular activities including sports, handwork, affinity groups, excursion and talent show.



Eton Summer Course

PlaceA course aiming at 13-17-year-old students in Eton College TimeMid-July

Course ContentsThere is an audition in English, learning capacity and personality before the course and a test at the end of the course. Results showed that the English proficiency of students had been improved by 25%.

Traditional sports competitions like rugby, football, cricket, and Eton Fives will be held in dormitories. Students’ sports spirit will be raised.

Business Leadership Summer Course

PlaceA course aiming at 13-22-year-old students in Surrey


ContentsGroup-study, colourful extra-curricular activities, well-established system of dormitory management.

English behaviors of etiquette will be taught. The course mainly includes public speaking, meeting holding, business etiquette, cross-culture behaviors, dressing and table manners.



London Family Trip

PlaceA course aiming at 8-13-year-old students in London

TimeAt the end of June; lasting for 1-4 weeks

ContentsColourful teaching activities accompanied by foreign teachers; Having class outside the classroom; it’s time for to say hello to the world with your kids.



Chinese Language & Cultural Camp 2013

Furthermore, summer camp in China is organised so as to provide an opportunity for the international students to study Mandarin, Chinese culture and history through a series of live courses, lectures and visits. All the courses, visiting sites, and the contents are specially arranged for short-term international students in order to show the unique charm of Chinese language and culture as well as the city of Hangzhou. Trips to the well-know modern city of China and the water town of southern Chinese style nearby Hangzhou are also included. International students can experience authentic Chinese culture through their personal involvement to these activities.

Study in China

China’s economy has been the world’s fastest growing country for the past 30 years. In2012, more than 320 000 students from over 180 countries came to China to study for both degree and non-degree programs. China is investing heavily in higher education and to build more world-class universities. The academic qualifications awarded by Chinese universities are recognized by most developed countries.


Reasons to study in China:

·         Excellent opportunity to travel and explore the world’s most populous country.

·         Experiencing China’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilization, as well as its scenic beauty, culture and nightlife.

·          Well-developed and modern transportation infrastructure which is convenient and inexpensive.

·         Cheaper than in European countries, the U.S, Japan and many other countries.

·         Promising job opportunities



Therefore, inspired with a mission of introducing better educational choice to Chinese students, the people working in this company will always bring positive energy for you, help you and make your dreams come true. The company has always made much effort to work at a very high standard, and will continue to do so in the future. Students who wish to pursue or continue their studies, at any level, are very welcome.