Di Ai



DI拥有2年律师事务所工作经验,以及6年多的快时尚和零售领域的管理经验。 拥有在中国(北京)和英国的强大工作背景,DI在英国生活了近8年,2015年搬到了伯明翰。

在 UKpathway,我们为学生提供专业的咨询服务。我们就学生的职业方向提供建议,帮助他们选择理想的大学和课程。学生毕业后,我们还提供职业指导服务,帮助学生实现职业目标。到目前为止,我已经帮助了很多学生,我非常喜欢这份工作。

Job Title: Birmingham Area Sales Manager 

LL.B, LL.M,Graduated from Durham University.

Di has 2 years experience in a law firm, and more than 6 years’ management experience in the fast fashion and retail sector. With a strong working background in both China (Beijing) and the UK, Di has lived in the UK for nearly 8 years and moved to Birmingham in 2015. 

At UKpathway, we provide professional consultancy for students. We offer students advice on their career direction, and help them to choose the ideal university and course. After students graduate from school, we also offer a career coaching service to help them achieve their career goals. So far I have been helping many students, and I enjoy my work very much.