典型英国学霸,从GCSE起9门A及A*, A Level 英国高考A*A*AA

英国文法学校毕业生,有着极高的学术造诣, 抱着对中国的友好及兴趣报考了清华大学的硕士学位并在中国度过了两年的美好时光。

跨文化的交流体验使Hannah 有着对中国学生申请优势不一般的理解,结合自己的优异表达能力,她能够最大限度的输出,体现学生申请时的不一样比较优势。

Title:Foreign Senior Copy-writing Consultant

Hannah graduated from the University of Oxford in 2018 with a BA in Jurisprudence with Law Studies in Europe, after which she moved to China to study for a master's in Chinese Politics, Foreign Policy and International Relations at Tsinghua University. She enjoys finding out about education policy in different parts of the world, she joined UKPathway in 2020, looking forward to helping more international clients pursue new opportunities.