Lexy Sun





Title: Director of Marketing and Sales

She obtained her MSc Degree from the Imperial College London in 2018. As a precious client, Lexy joined the UK Pathway Education Consultancy after graduation. She then rapidly progressed into one of the youngest and most successful employees in the company. Currently, she works as the regional manager of the London office. With patience and a strong sense of responsibility, Lexy soon becomes the most popular consultant among student clients. Lexy managed to develop the largest client base in UKPathway, she successfully helped hundreds of students improve their academic performance and plan ahead their career prospects. Her success is credited for the satisfactory outcomes and high success rate in her cases. As one of the most successful and respected consultants in the company, Lexy strives to help more Chinese students realize their dreams in the UK. She will continue to deliver high-quality service, demonstrate strong work ethics and develop her unique leadership skills to motivate the growth of both her students and her colleagues.