Lip Peng


我在高等教育咨询行业工作了六年,对这个领域有充足的热情和丰富的经验,我知道我们学生真正的需求是什么。就像孔子提出的 "有教无类 "一样,我相信每个学生都有权利追求自己的梦想,每个人都可以在自己热爱的领域取得成就。我们所做的就是在你和你的梦想之间架起一座桥梁。UK Pathway是梦想开始的地方。

Job Title: Branch Director (Jiangxi)

Spending six years in higher institution education counselling, I have full passion and abundant experience to this domain and I know what exactly our students want. Like what Confucius proposes “educating people without distinctions”, I believe each of the students has the right to pursue their dream and each of them can make achievements in their fascinating areas. What we do is to build a bridge between you and your dream. UKPathway where dreams begin.