Tracy Li


我于2019年1月获得了华威大学金融经济学硕士学位。作为一名海外留学的受益者和该领域经验丰富的教育顾问,我希望我的经验可以帮助更多的学生实现他们的梦想,正如我们公司一贯坚持的承诺:"UK Pathway,梦想开始的地方"。现在,随着UK Pathway在江西的第一个分部开业,我希望我们能借此机会,为我们家乡的学生提供最专业、最个性化、最全面的服务,让他们受益。也希望在我们的共同努力下,每位学生都能找到并实现自己的梦想。

Job Title: Branch Director (Jiangxi)

I’ve received the MSc degree in Financial Economics from University of Warwick in January 2019. As a beneficiary of overseas studies and a seasoned educational consultant in this domain, I hope my experience could help more students to realise their dream, just like the commitment our company has consistently adhered to, “UKPathway, where dreams begin”. Now, along with the first branch of UKPathway in Jiangxi coming to service, I hope we can take this chance to benefit more students in my hometown by providing them with the most professional, customized and all-rounded services. I hope, with our joint efforts, each of you can find and realise your own dream.