Iris Yu


作为一名金牌五星级顾问,Iris Yu毕业于一所英国大学的MBA专业。她非常擅长学术申诉、英澳申请以及各专业的工作申请。她严谨、细心、专业,具有强烈的责任感和亲和力。丰富的英国留学和从业经历使她能充分了解英澳留学的大环境,并能及时掌握形势的变化。她是一位非常热情、诚恳、认真负责的人,能够帮你客观的分析、合理的规划,以及整合一套最适合你的个性化方案。让你在她的专业指导下获得最满意的结果。到目前为止,Iris已经为数百名学生提供了服务,许多学生在她的帮助下成功完成了学术申诉,或者进入了心仪的英国大学学习。

Job Title:Marketing Executive

Gold medal five-star consultant, graduated with an MBA degree from a British university. Good at academic Appeal, UK and Australia application, and job application for various majors. Iris Yu is rigorous, careful and professional, with a strong sense of responsibility and affinity. Her rich experience in studying and employment in the UK allows her to fully understand the general environment of studying in the UK and Australia and keep up with changes in the situation. She is enthusiastic, sincere, responsible and responsible, and can objectively help you analyze, rationally plan, and integrate the most suitable personalized plan for you. Let you get the most satisfactory results under her professional guidance. So far,Iris Yu has served more than hundreds of students, and many students have achieved the success of Appeal's academic appeal with her help, or have successfully studied in their ideal British universities.