Cynthia Pan


在温彻斯特大学完成学士学位后,我前往伯明翰城市大学攻读硕士学位,主修财务管理。2016年开始在UKPathway Consultancy担任销售代表,为学生或家长提供指导服务,帮助他们成功拿到梦想学校的offer。 我喜欢在UKPathway与我们的专业团队一起工作,也希望在未来,我和我的同事们能够为更多的学生和家庭提供更全面、更专业的服务。 

Job Title:Marketing Representative

After I finished my bachelor’s degree in the University of Winchester. I continued my master’sdegree atBirmingham City University and changed major to Finance management. Then I have been working as a marketing representative in UKPathway Consultancy since 2016, providing guidance service to students or their parents and helping them successfully obtain their dream schools’ offers. I enjoy working in the UKPathway with our professional team. I also hope that in the future, my colleagues and I can provide more comprehensive and professional service to more students and families.