一、去英国留学最值得读的书-In the Darkroom

  这是本Susan Faludi的回忆录,她是位女权主义新报的记者,回忆录中提到了她和她变性的父亲微妙的关系,内容丰富,提现了任性的宽厚仁慈。

  简评:“...A successful writer herself, Susan Faludi not only researches a remarkable family history, but provides a thorough discussion of the factors involved in so radical gender change, sparing no details of what that process entails;. mentally, physically and psychologically. Writing in the first person, the author takes her readers on a remarkable and once unimaginable journey, carefully switching pronouns from her fathers past to the present.”

  二、去英国留学最值得读的书-When Breath Becomes Air

  这本书是Paul Kalanithi的自传,也是一部关于生命和死亡的回忆录,作者自己是肺癌晚期患者,但同时他也是一名医生、一位父亲。



  三、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Trespasser

  Tana French的这本小说应该是亚马逊上2016年最red的犯罪侦探小说之一,小说的两个主人公,是两位年轻的探长,受命调查一起发生在都柏林的女子谋杀案。剧情发展到后面两位探长发现凶手并不是女子的男友,而是另有其人,但警长却要求逮捕他,这背后会有什么不可告知的秘密?

  简评:“I love Tana French's writing. It doesn't get much better. You have to immerse yourself into her books to understand them, the writing is dense and thick, every word matters...”

  “The Trespasser did not disappoint me. It was not as heart rending as Faithful Place, nor as hair-raising as Broken Harbor, but it was another excellent foray into French's great gift for creating difficult narrators, who may act as their own worst enemies, but whom we can't help rooting for and hoping for all the way, even when what we root for is comeuppance...”

  四、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Underground Railroad


  简评:“This book has gotten quite the boost on social media especially with Oprah touting it as her latest book club read. Even though Oprah and I have had a tempestuous (albeit one-sided) bookish relationship in the past I thought I'd give this book a try because the slavery era in the US is one of my favorite eras to read about. It showcases the dichotomy of the indomitable spirit and resilience of human beings despite the most horrific, vile and degrading actions that one person can inflict upon another...”

  五、去英国留学最值得读的书-Evicted:Poverty and Profit in the American City


  简评:“...A word on the swearing: this is a well written, professionally done sociological study. The author only uses swears when he's quoting one of the people he interviewed. If you were desperate, poor, depressed and angry, you, too might be given to curse words.If you enjoy sociological and/or cultural topics, if you care about equality in America, if you are interested in how grinding poverty affects families, pick this up. I learned a lot.”

  六、去英国留学最值得读的书-Swing Time

  这是一本虚构小说,也是作者Zadie Smith的第五本小说,有人称这是Zadie Smith目前为止最棒的作品。小说不仅是两个女孩的成长故事,同时是整个社会的缩影。

  简评:“Zadie Smith's star began gleaming with White Teeth. It's even brighter now. In Swing Time, she has created truly memorable characters enmeshed in lives that offer many rhythms.”

  七、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Return

  作者:Hisham Matar。这是一部回忆录,它不仅描述了中东地区被独裁统治下的场景,也给以读者们对威权主义的分析和反思。


  八、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Vegetarian




  九、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Gene: An Intimate History

  美国肿瘤学医师Siddhartha Mukherjee的著作,书里用简单的语言解释了医学知识和基因理论,用他经历过的病人实例让读者感同身受,让人们能更加了解自己、重新认识自己。


  十、去英国留学最值得读的书-The Association of Small Bombs

  Karan Mahajan的这本小说围绕恐怖分子在超市里发动的恐怖袭击展开,深入描写了恐怖袭击对普通家庭的影响,引人深思。

  简评:“...It's a heavy subject, so I wondered how much I'd enjoy reading it on the bus after a long day's work, but the writing is so beautifully written and the characters are so interesting that I found myself getting sucked in and caring deeply about the fallout of such a tragedy...”